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If you suspect that your child may have a delay in developmental, speech/language, or adaptive skills, please contact the AASD Learning Express staff for a screening appointment or an evaluation. Evaluations can occur at any time during the school year. Your child can be 2 years, 9 months or older to be evaluated.


You can request an evaluation or screening by calling the AASD Learning Express Office at 814-946-8465.

Regular education slots are available on a first come, first serve basis. To enroll, call the AASD Learning Express Main Office at 814-946-8465 x 5203. You must be a resident of the Altoona Area School District.  



AASD Learning Express Main Office: 814-946-8465 x5203
AASD Learning Express Nurse: 814-946-8465 X5211
AASD District Transportation Office: 814-946-8220   (This office is not located at the AASD Learning Express building.)