Building Safety


AASD Learning Express Building Safety and Security Information 


Main Entrance: 

The Main Entrance for the AASD Learning Express is on 1st Avenue side of the building.  Look for our program logo above the entrance doors.

There is absolutely NO PARKING on the school side of 1st Avenue in the van/bus lane.  Program vans and buses load and unload in this lane. Violators will be subject to AASD school security. 
School Gate Guardian: 
The School Gate Guardian is being implemented at the Washington-Jefferson building, as well as in every building across the Altoona Area School District.  Upon arriving at the AASD Learning Express main entrance, please buzz the secretary.  The secretary will let you in the first set of main doors.  You will then be directed to scan your driver's license through the red School Gate Guardian security box.  All visitors to the Washington-Jefferson building must bring a valid driver's license to enter.  Once you scan your driver's license, a peel and stick name badge will print from the machine.  (Please wear this name badge at all times throughout the building.)  After receiving your name badge, please buzz the secretary, who will open the second set of interior doors and report directly to the main office.  
Student Information: 
Please keep your child's demographic information up-to-date in the main office.  In the event that you move, please provide proof of your address change in writing.  Please also update any phone contact changes in writing.  
Emergency Contact Information:  
Please contact your child's classroom teacher if someone other the primary parent/guardian is picking up your child for dismissal. Alternative pick-ups need to be designated on the your child's Emergency Card and he/she will be asked to present a form of picture identification in order for alternative pick-up to occur.