Autism Initiative Classroom

What is the Autism Initiative (Verbal Behavior) classroom?

The Autism Initiative classroom is dedicated to teaching children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  The instruction focuses on teaching the right skills in an effective sequence and with systematic methods.  Each child is evaluated using the VB MAPP assessment.  This is followed by a program that is differentiated for each child.  This program is monitored, adjusted, and verified through reliable student-level data. Each learner has a 15-minute session for manding and a 15-minute session for intensive teaching.  Coaches from PaTTAN are typically in the classroom once a month to assist classroom staff with any questions/concerns they may have.


  • Manding
  • Motor Imitation – with toys,  with objects, of others
  • Match to Sample
  • Listener Responding – with objects or pictures, actions
  • Tacting – with objects or pictures, actions
  • Echoic
  • Intraverbal
  • Independent Play & Social Play & Group Work
  • Kindergarten Readiness Skills